Pricing & Market Access Strategy Development

  • Evaluated opportunities and challenges for compounds in Phase 1–3, assessing Target Product Profiles and proposed clinical trials. Recommendations were presented to Senior Management and incorporated into future trials.

Pricing & Market Access Implementation

  • Worked with strategic top 8 marketing affiliates to implement the revised strategy for blockbuster cardiovascular brand, resulting in a clear strategy which was supported internally and externally. New tactical collaborative agreements with payers, and tailored Value Dossiers to differentiate the brand.

Life-cycle Management Review

  • Led the Global Pricing and Market Access review of an in-market oncology product, including assessment of three potential new indications, organization of payer research with payers in the US and Top 5 EU. Project was completed in four weeks.

Re-Launching a Drug

  • A top 10 global pharmaceutical company was planning to re-launch an existing drug with a new, improved dose. The project included payer and physician research, developing a global pricing strategy, optimizing the launch sequence for 27 countries, and working collaboratively with affiliates to develop local market access plans.

Training & Development

  • Led the Pricing and Market Access Education for senior stakeholders in a top 10 Pharma. The Education and Training included running market access workshops and meeting the Payer Days.
  • Provided coaching to new Pricing and Market Access recruits in major Pharma.